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Results of AAP Magazine 27 Colors

We’re delighted to reveal the names of the 25 talented photographers who won ”AAP Magazine #27: Colors”

Everything around us is an array of colors, from the green grass we walk on to the blue sky above. The world we see is anything but black and white. What would our world be like if we could not see color?

Colors are one of the many things that play a part in our daily lives, whether we know it or not. In fact, research has shown that colors can portray many different feelings, moods, and even thinking. No wonder photographers are fascinated by colors.

For this 27th edition of AAP Magazine, we were looking for work that would celebrate colors. In the end, we chose twenty-five photographers (as it happens a majority of women!) from 15 different countries and 5 continents. Their color palette is diverse: bold, vibrant as well as pastel, or even monochromatic but each time their conscious choice adds to the photograph’s esthetic appeal and conveys sensory pleasure.

The Winner of AAP Magazine 27 Colors is Christine Fitzgerald (Canada) with her project “Captive”

Hybrid No.1 © Christine Fitzgerald (Canada)

The Second Place Winner is Edita Bizova (Czech Republic) with her project “Essence of Beauty”

Blue © Edita Bizova Edita Bizova (Czech Republic)

The Third Place Winner is Thaddäus “hozzography” Biberauer (Austria) with his series “Dreamscapes”

Dream On © Thaddäus hozzography Biberauer (Austria)

The other winners featured in the Merit Award’s Gallery are: Callie Eh (Switzerland), Kelly-Ann Bobb (Trinidad & Tobago), Fabrizio Alzati (Italy), Gavin Libotte (Australia), Anne-Claire Vimal du Monteil (Canada), ​​Mona Singh (India), Joanna Madloch (United States), Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia), Joseph-Philippe Bevillard (Ireland), Carol Foote (Australia), Klaus Lenzen (Germany), Marek Boguszak (Czech Republic), Damian Lemański (Poland), Michelle Simmons (United States), Wendy Stone (United States), Joe Buergi (Switzerland), Benjamin Pawlowski (Germany), Yves Léonard (Belgium), Virginia Hines (United States), Svetlin Yosifov (Bulgaria), Sandra Frankel (United States) and Cynthia Dickinson (United States).

The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.
All winners will have their work showcased on All About Photo Winners Gallery, and published in the printed issue of AAP Magazine #27 Colors.

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Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is a professional photographer who specializes in Fine Art Photography. She grew up in Paris, France and in London, UK before she… More »

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