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Men are supposed to be strong… Men don’t feel pain




Boys at an early age are being conditioned to be strong.
After all they have to be the man of the house and being weak is supposed to be wrong
It’s been taught since centuries that men don’t feel pain, men don’t cry.

They can do so in bathroom and when they come out, the tears have to be dry.
Man up young boy, he is told time and again.

It’s ok for them to show anger, but not show the pain.
As kid when he cries, people make fun of them, ‘Don’t be a girl, you need to be wise’.

And then he quickly wipes his face and smiles with a face full of lies
He wanted to be a dancer, but an engineer sounded more decent

He wanted to wear pink, but the liking for blue is recent.
It’s time we talk about mental violence.

So that men break their silence
So that they can unlock their door
And let emotions in
This has to be true for every brother, son or a father
Who wet their pillows and still wake up fine.

They break and yet they smile.
They have a moustache but still they are a child.

They want to speak but don’t know where to begin.
Because to express for them emotionally is a sin.

You need to break this silence and talk to them.
It’s perfectly fine for them to be femme.

So go talk to your dad, son or brother.
The talking should not always been confined to mother

And most important, tell them to talk to themselves for a while.
Tell them to look into the mirror and smile.

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Rahul Sharma

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