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Komi Kino, the opportunity to join the art of cinema

Komi Kino is the only film distribution organization in the Republic of Komi in Syktyvkar (Russia), which enables people in the towns and most remote settlements to have the opportunity to join the art of cinema and see the old favorites or new movies of modern cinematography.

Film distribution has been functioning since 1937. It has gone through several reorganizations, its structure has changed, but it is still the only and vitally important link that connects film production and film viewers. The enterprise also provides guided tours, organizes events, repairs film and video equipment.

Inclusion in movie circuit is not only about cinemas, film sets and film copies. People play a major role in this process, too. They are highly qualified professionals, who care deeply about their work: film inspectors, film fund keepers, projectionists, methodologists, and film promotion specialists. Thanks to their effort, cinema clubs and a cinema museum were formed. This helped popularize cinematography among people, especially in the provinces.

Film promotion specialist in the private cinema hall. Previously, films were previewed here for further distribution to cinemas in the region. Now it is a small cinema hall where people can watch movies during festivals.
The Soviet space. Room with soviet setting and decor as part of the excursion for local people.
Movie technician in the projection room, where the worker changes parts of the movie and rewinds the film. A small window in the wall helps him observe what happens in the cinema hall.
Expedition room. A special space where the employees receive and send film reels via a conveyor belt to the film storage room. Films previously stored in Ukhta and Vorkuta are also kept here.
Film fund keeper in the expedition room. She knows the entire repertoire of the film fund and can find a suitable movie on request.
Film сhecking table. The workplace of a film checker, where the film tape is run from one wheel to another one. Cracks, cuts and other defects in the perforation are fixed.
Methodologist in the film depository. The film collection has more than 7000 various movies in film and digital formats.
Film screening with audio description in the inclusive film club where people with disabilities can enjoy the movie. With the help of a blind aid device, blind people hear the description and the sounds of the movie and imagine the picture in their heads.
Creative art space. Film promotion specialist in the art space where exhibitions and other cinema-related events are held.
The main entrance to the Komi Kino building. The walls have recently been decorated with graffiti art by local artists.
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Julia Vyalkova

Julia Vyalkova is a documentary photographer currently working and living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She studied photography at the School of Modern Photography "DocDocDoc".… More »

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