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Tribute to the breaks

Stopping for a moment, taking a break, the images I present here share this theme in different keys; whether one elaborates on it in a slightly playful sense, with tenderness or with irony, it alludes to a fundamental human capacity: that of interrupting what one is doing to devote oneself to something else, or to nothing, perhaps only for a moment, and then putting it aside and returning to the previous activity, in a word flexibility.

Automata, robots, never stop until they are ordered to do so from the outside, they have only one dimension and are obtusely tireless.
Men and women are not, in order to survive as human beings they need to rest, to think of something else, to change their register.

These images, both when they invite one to stop and look at something and when they portray the act of taking a break, are meant to be a slightly ironic tribute to pauses, in a hectic period a time when in a more general sense ‘taking a break to think’ would not seem a bad idea.

Taking a break. Rome, Borgo Pio, June 23th 2022.
Grooming. Rome, Borgo Pio, July 27th 2022.
Master, don’t think about it. Rome, Piazza S.Salvatore in Lauro, July 6th 2022.
The samurai’s break. Rome, Via del Banco di S.Spirito, June 23th 2022.
Stop here! Rome, Via Vittoria, September 14th 2022.
Pause for a kiss. Mazara del Vallo (TP) , Via S.Teresa, August 18th 2022.
Roman Holidays. Rome, Via Rusticucci, August 8th 2022.
Tribute to Koudelka. Pompei (NA), archaeological site, August 26th 2022.
An enlightening break? Marsala (TP), Via Roma, August 18th 2022.
Me? Roma, Borgo Pio, September 17th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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