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One Photo Story



Aigina island


A familiar face,
within a breath’s distance.
Bright, all alone, dim.
Unknown, unique.

We see each other.
We exchange searching glances,
know each other.
I find it difficult to distinguishing clearly.
It’s what I see through the glass,
through the shadows of the flowers.
Light helps, always helps!
I get closer and then things become more distinct.

I don’t feel lonely even though the silence is getting longer.

I bow my head,
the tiredness of the day is great.
I hugged many people today,
with my glance.
How to tell if you’re seeing them for the first time,
when memories come to you like images of an unexpected moment.
In a blurry scene.
Tomorrow again…

Communicating with people has never been easy
even if I thought I knew them.

I see no faces reflected in the sea,
only the sky and its clouds.
A sea road.

The sea, however rough it may be,
brings an invisible smile,
casts aside fear.
The open horizon is the beginning of expectations.

The trees in the forest play with the light,
they move towards the glade.
They distract me.
I look away from the faces,
for a moment.
Like being alone on a train traveling me.

I don’t travel alone but with those I love.

The whole world in front of me!
By marrying my photos,
the minimum recording, I dare.

All faces reflect on my face.

I don’t want to change the world, anymore.
“It takes a lot to change the world”. B. Brecht

The night will come and I’ll dream again,
with my dreams in company the transition will take place.
new wanderlust,
new destination.
In another utopia.

We have so much sea ahead of us.
Where we end
the sea begins
Say something… Kiki Dimoula from the collection The Little Bit of the World

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Antonis Giakoumakis

I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Now I live in Athens. I deal with photography (I would say systematically) since 2012, since… More »

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