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The Fascinating Winning Images of AAP Magazine 26 Shapes

We’re delighted to reveal the names of the 24 talented photographers who won ”AAP Magazine #26: Shapes”. Thank you to my dear friend Ann Jastrab, the Executive Director of the Center for Photographic Art for being a juror for this competition.

For this 26th edition of AAP Magazine, we were looking for submissions of works of art that explore composition and form as a fundamental aspect of the photographic aesthetic, be it pure visual formalism or in support of a thematic objective. Understanding shape and form is one of the pillars of photography composition, and it can make even the most common object become a work of art. Geometric, organic, positive or negative, shapes contribute to a photograph’s overall esthetics and vibes.

We chose twenty-four photographers for their different approach to the idea of Shapes. Their work is diverse: architecture, mixed- media, still life, abstractions… and use different techniques & perspectives but each one showcases a unique point of view.

The Winner

The Winner of AAP Magazine 26 Shapes is Mike Baker (USA) with his project “Urban Architectural Shapes”

S-Curve from the series ‘Urban Architectural Shapes and designs’ © Mike Baker

The Second Place

The Second Place Winner is Maura Allen (USA) with her project “The West Takes Shape”

Ranch House from the series ‘The West Takes Shape’ © Maura Allen

The Third Place

The Third Place Winner is Guillermo Espinosa (Germany) with his series “Visual Rhymes”

Semáforo from the series ‘Visual Rhymes’ © Guillermo Espinosa

The other winners featured in the Merit Award’s Gallery are: Wayne Swanson (USA), Florian W. Mueller (Germany), Barbara Hazen (USA), Ray Knox (UK), Tom Schifanella (USA), Gregory Spaid (USA), Klaus Lenzen (Germany), Stephen Albair (USA), Beth Galton (USA), Mitchell Anolik (USA), Francesco Pace Rizzi (Italy), Shesaidred (USA), Ellen Konar and Steve Goldband (USA), Jacqueline Walters (USA), Jaroslav Mares (Czech Republic), Tetiana Shcheglova (Ukraine), Torrance York (USA), Ernie Luppi (USA), MG Vander Elst (USA), Golnaz Abdoli (USA) and Claudia Tombini (Italy).

The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.
All winners will have their work showcased on All About Photo Winners Gallery, and published in the printed issue of AAP Magazine #26 Shapes.

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