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Marine cemetery

This series owes its name to the reading of The Marine Cemetery, a poem by the French poet Paul Valéry. The photographs were taken in the Gothic Cemetery of Comillas (Cantabria), located in front of the sea. As in Valéry’s poem, in these images there is a meditation on death and the illusion of the immortality of the soul that accompanies the temptation to die. The static nature of the cemetery along with its statues and mausoleums, contrast with the tireless murmur of the waves forming the confused sway of time. The boast of heraldry, power, and all that beauty and wealth bestowed upon us, await their inevitable hour, for the paths of glory also lead us to the grave.

The exterminating angel Comillas. September-21-2021
INRI Comillas. September-23-2021
Marine cemetery Comillas. September-24-2021
Memento mori Comillas. September-2021
Sepulcher of light Comillas. September-19-2021
Locus amoenus Comillas. September-20-2021
Nobodys Rose. September-20-2021
Water rose Comillas. September-20-2021
Epitaph for the flowers Comillas. September-26-2021
Playing checkers with death Cantabria. 2022
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Lucas Garcete

Lucas Garcete (Ciudad del Este, 2000) Paraguayan poet and photographer living in Madrid. His photographic work is a poetic discourse that revolves around introspection… More »

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