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Slightly misplaced still lives



One of the things that fascinates me the most is going around my city and photographing objects: creating still lives.
Still life, often considered boring, immobile, in reality, if you have the eyes to see, hides within itself endless stories to tell.

A glance barely veiled with irony, an even slightly mocking eye can extract from the undifferentiated heap of images that surround us the misplaced detail, the one that transforms a motionless, insignificant image into a story worth listening to, into an atmosphere that refers to something else.

If one thinks about it, this is one of the main tasks of photography, at least as I see it: to read and extract an image from reality and filter it with one’s mind to transform it into something else, without completely losing the link with the origin. As I have already said elsewhere: the most surreal of arts.

Hence, slightly misplaced still lives, which gracefully and lightly try to render some incoercible anomaly.

Little train. Rome, Via della Vite, June 22th 2021.
A little help for the fire brigade. Rome, Via del Plebiscito, October 21th 2021.
An astonished quote from a thousand other photographs. Rome, Vicolo Moroni, May 15th 2022.
Mona Lisa is still smiling about the crazy parking of Romans. Rome, Via Scossacavalli, July 7th 2022.
Someone sat down. Rome, Via del Pellegrino, May 14th 2022.
A modest homage to Piet Mondrian. Rome, Via del Governo Vecchio, April 26th 2022.
Punchinello puts Mary Poppins to flight. Rome, Piazza Fontanella Borghese, July 11th 2022.
still life with windows. Rome, Borgo Pio, June 28th 2022.
It’s hot for everyone. Rome, Via Stefano Porcari, July 11th 2022.
The party is over. Roma, Borgo Pio, January 21th 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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