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A morok (obsolete, figurative meaning) is something stupefying, charming, clouding the mind. A morok is the clouding of a person’s mind, actions that darken the mind, deception of feelings, distorted perception.

In the project, I consider female nature as a phenomenon that is subjected to a morok and is capable of causing a morok. I look for echoes of the epochs within myself and transfer them into images.
The perception of a woman was differs at different time periods from the Mother Goddess to the Devil’s servant. The attitude towards a woman seems to be always subjected to a morok, distorted for society and a woman herself.

The dual nature continues to excite both men and women themselves and society as a whole. It still seems like we can’t determine our attitude to the subject. I also consider the morok here as a talisman to hide the paths of truth to the knowledge of women from ignorant and unkind people or phenomena.

Q&A with Elena Liventseva

What Does Photography Mean to You?

Photography for me is an opportunity to form a visual attitude to events and phenomena, to create a statement through sensory and emotional experience. I am interested in sharing my worldview and getting feedback about others worldview.

How did you get interested in photography?

I have always been interested in painting, how artists create their works. That`s  why photography has become for me a canvas on which I paint my inner paintings.

What do you think makes photography necessary?

In my opinion, in the modern world photography is necessary for creation.
One picture can make me change direction, look inside myself, experience certain emotions. Photography affects the viewer and this effect should be creative.

How do the events unfolding around you affect your photographic projects?

The events unfolding around become the source of my research. I am reflected in them, and they are reflected in my works. I get to know such events through life experience, cinema, literature, art and I’m looking for my own images and statements. This way i talk to events through my projects.

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Elena Liventseva

Elena Liventseva, 38 years old, born in Voronezh. 2019-2020 Academy of Documentary and Art Photography "Fotografika". Prefers to work on long-term personal projects. Area… More »

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