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Coming from a country with the most stringent censorship restrictions made me a conservative photographer who was constantly concerned about what I was permitted to shoot and display.

After moving from Iran to Cyprus and subsequently to Germany, the notion of censorship has stuck with me and constantly makes me wonder how I can protect myself from being impacted by the censorship shadow.

This project, 404 Error, is a translation of my censorship experiences and feelings into a highly personal visual language in my new surroundings in Germany.

The word 404 Error depicts the standard response code system, indicating that the browser (myself and my camera) may communicate with a certain service (my background and living experiences). However, the server (I, Farzin Foroutan) refuses to say whether or not it has the required information (censorship).

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Farzin Foroutan

Farzin Foroutan (born 1992 in Mashhad, Iran) is a photographer and visual artist. His works are concerned with social concerns, individuals, and the basic components of human life and its relationship to nature, referencing his personal life and living experiences.

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