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Moral relativism



What are the key human values? Life, love, freedom. But not for everyone. For Russians, the key value is death. They cultivate the death, they kill, and they die because they find themselves in oblivion, in the complete absence of love, sadness, and sorrow which they pour down on the world. Those who do evil are spiritually dead; for them, the physical death is a logical continuation of their spiritual death.

The whole world has seen the crimes of the Russian army: violations, robberies, the bombing of civil blocks and schools, turning the entire cities into ruins. But some Western politicians and companies continue to trade and buy energy products from Russia. In fact, such politicians and companies sponsor the war in Ukraine. Obviously, for those people who talked a lot about European values, value of a human life, and so on, the key value appeared to be money.

Some European politicians continue their old politics pretending that there is no war, that people don’t die every day, that there are no lots of refugees from Ukraine on the European streets. Blindness and deafness of some European politicians and non-desire to change their politics in relation to Russia and strange ways to pacify the aggressor make an impression that they have forgotten the history and what happened to the world when politicians tried to pacify Hitler. Any compromises and crimes with impunity only encourage the aggressor to keep doing evil and continue the war.

The world now is in a strange moral relativism when one can call the black white, don’t notice the genocide, and turn a blind eye to the war only not to change their life. The world has changed – Russia is not a country from classical literature books. Now, it’s a county that wants to destroy not only Ukraine but the whole world, and Ukraine is resisting this terror. Russia is a concentration camp that wants to turn the whole world into a prison.

I know for sure that the evil will be defeated. But how many more victims do we need?

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Iana Zholud

I was born in Dnipro, Ukraine. Graduated The Humanitarian Institute of TV and radio broadcasting, specialty: director of photography. I worked photographer shooting portraits,… More »


    1. Thanks. War in reality looks different than in pictures. It is a pity that in the modern world people have lost moral guidelines.

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