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Sanya and Haikou have a tropical climate due to the slight difference in latitude. Sanya has been to Sanya twice, and this time it is close to the new year. Sanya gives people the impression of blue sky, sea, beach and coconut forest. In fact, there are many commendable scenery, but it is impossible to collect all the travel photos one by one.

Sanya is the most important city in Hainan. It is a city in the tropical region. Because the climate in this region is obviously affected by the ocean, the local climate has the remarkable characteristics of tropical marine climate. The city has little change in four seasons, with an average temperature of around 25 degrees, which is warm and pleasant. Residents from many provinces live here, with a beautiful environment and rich plant species, Sanya has become a famous tourist resort and has the title of “Oriental Hawaii”.

The local residents of Sanya are mainly Li people, and the local characteristic folk customs are mostly related to Li people. The belief of Li residents in Sanya is mainly derived from the worship of nature and God. Many festivals and activities have strong national characteristics and have a deep brand of belief. Totems can be seen in their places of residence and places of activities. Most people of this nationality have the same surname and live in the same village. In ancient times, there was the custom of not leaving their husband’s house after marriage. The local Li people in Sanya have national costumes with strong national characteristics. The local people also like to wear items such as headscarves, hand tin and collars. In addition, the female nature of Li people also has the custom of tattooing. They often tattoo their favorite patterns on their faces and the back of their hands. These tattoos have specific meanings, which is also one of the most important characteristics of this nation.

It makes me feel that how to maintain the national tradition and not be polluted by the secular world is indeed a difficult choice. Due to many factors, many residents have moved to cities and changed their original way of life. How to better maintain the national tradition and protect and develop it is the focus of photography in the future.

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