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Just a selfportrait




The sequence frames my son two weeks ago. By the sea near the house, in the middle of winter. He doesn’t care that people go to the mountains in winter, he wants to go to the beach.
The huge amount of photographs that pass on social networks and on the web are dispersed in the same quantity, then there are some photographers who look for themselves in the photographs. And each image becomes a self-portrait. We intercept what concerns us, what belongs to us. Even if we photographed a can of coke. So my son, in this sequence, becomes an unconscious ploy of myself. Left free to express myself, it is I who grasp what I feel is mine. I see myself through him. Our traditionalist Italian culture provides for there to be a projection of traditions and expectations on our children. With the risk that a child will grow up with feelings of guilt derived from the expectations of the parents. Then there are those like me, who believe that a child has the life of him, and your job is to provide advice and tools, some guidance, some scolding, and then get out of the way.
The freedom to be is the gift you can give him.

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Lorenzo Cerbone

I like to tell stories. Mine too. I always ask myself, taking a photo, what my vision of the world is, and what I… More »

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