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Facing the window



When I walk through the city, I sometimes look up at some illuminated or half-open window that reveals and at the same time hides unknown interiors.
So I would like to be a fly, something that can fly in and reveal the intimacy of others, otherwise precluded, to fill that desire, the yearning that pervades those outside, excluded at that moment from a hypothetical circle of affection, and satisfy my curiosity about the mysterious lives of others.
Then I reflect on it and think that, even if it were possible, it would still be nonsense.
What really fascinates me, however, is precisely the sense of mystery, the exclusion from situations that can only be imagined, the feeling of unfulfilled desire, and the infinite multiplication of the possibility of fantasizing about other people’s lives, and about my own by comparison, “E il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare”.
Much sweeter than investigating and probably arriving in most cases at the flat truth of cheap interiors and not particularly interesting situations.
And then there is not only the view from outside: just as we imagine interiors and unknown people behind the veil of curtains or reflections, in the same way we can stand on the other side of the window and observe, or close it, or reflect on it.
I therefore liked to dwell, with the images I am presenting here, on the surface, on that boundary in which the window is at the same time the border between inside and outside but also a point of passage, charged with all the ambivalence of the relationship between “inside” and “outside”.

Barrier to light. Borgo Pio, Rome, 9th July 2021.
Behind reflexes. Via della Lungara, Rome, 28th January 2022.
Lights in the darkness. Via Crescenzio, Rome, 1st February 2022.
Minimal detail. Via del Falco, Rome, 7th February 2022.
Staggered reflexes. Borgo Angelico, Rome, 12th February 2022.
Glimpse of an interior. Via Crescenzio, Rome, 2nd February 2022.
Curtains in the twilight. Largo Oreste Giorgi, Rome, 5th October 2021.
Suggestion. Via del Falco, Rome, 12th February 2022.
Entrails. Borgo Angelico, Rome, 7th February 2022.
Reflection, loop. Borgo Pio, Rome, 19th February 2022.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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