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There are no people in these collages. My works show nature, animals and aftermath of the disaster caused by irresponsible human behavior. These are habits that destroy nature – and our environment is changing.

Technological progress has changed cultural and moral values. There surfaced a conflict between spiritual and moral development. Our estrangement from nature, when we find ourselves in isolation and hardly interact with the environment at all, is felt as a loss of something important. We no longer realize that we live our lives on this Earth, here and now, and that every person living on this planet is a witness to the crime and a participant in the terrible destructive process. For a long time we did not pay any attention to the consequences of technological progress and urbanization.

Perception of the world as a mechanism and mismanagement of nature have led to the horrible situation. All this has catastrophic consequences for the flora and fauna, which we are witnessing right now.

Responsibility is delegated to politicians, professionals and business corporations. But only personal responsibility for the consequences of this way of life, as well asd understanding of what has its price and what is priceless, can balance the human–nature relationship.

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Iana Zholud

I was born in Dnipro, Ukraine. Graduated The Humanitarian Institute of TV and radio broadcasting, specialty: director of photography. I worked photographer shooting portraits,… More »

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