Life in a frame in pieces



I was born in this world, not knowing, like many, many people, what lies ahead of me. The world seemed full of wonders. But I was convinced from early childhood that life is not so easy and not so joyful and its end may not be the same as in good fairy tales.

They tried to put me in a frame, and they succeeded. I had to try to be comfortable for everyone so as not to create problems. Convenient for everyone, but not for me. I was torn to pieces. I gave every part of myself to everyone who wanted, and I didn’t have anything left for myself, I didn’t leave any parts for myself. And looking back, I remember, did I live? Was my life? And where should I look for these pieces of my soul…

My story is for those who, for the sake of the convenience of others, lose their individuality, thus a person loses love for himself, love for his neighbors, love for GOD. These are not lofty words, but reality. A person, when he loves, cannot be alone. Many books have been written about this. And I don’t need to write about it. Just live your life, so as not to be lonely


Urma Natali

I'm a mom of three beautiful kids. I work at the university. I love nature, music, poetry, photography. Mostly I take pictures of children, and recently became interested in macro photography. It's like a separate world. It is interesting and fascinating.

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