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(In)visible borderlines around us



Sometimes ago I met a person with borderline disorder. This meeting totally impacted me and initiated my thinking about this problem. I have examed a concept of borderline and feelings related to it. People see borderlines on maps as well-defined lines. But borderline is an utterly complex, utterly enthralling entity.

Alupka, Crimea – august 2021.

In real life, we often face invisible borderlines between life and death, alive and inanimate, truth and lie, dreams and reality, etc. Furthermore, the whole life often turns out traveling through borderlines. We aren’t able to see them. But we perceive and are aware of them. I permanently had a strong sense that I stood on the borderline during the last year. But where was it, and what was it? What should I do to find myself inside or outside? When and where does borderline end?

Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea – october 2021

Trying to get over these questions, I turned to photographic practice. I wanted to capture the very exact moment staying on the borderline. It was crucial for me. If we don’t see the line on photography, can we feel it? I desired to make borderlines visible and transmit the transition moment’s feelings and consequences.

Alupka, Crimea – august 2021
Alupka, Crimea – august 2021
Alupka, Crimea – august 2021
Alupka, Crimea – august 2021
Moscow, Russia – october 2021
Crimea – october 2021
Evpatoria, Crimea – august 2021
Alupka, Crimea – august 2021
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Ekaterina Soloveva

I'm an art photographer. I took up photography as an adult. The range of my interests lies in such topics as memory, historical heritage… More »

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