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A life in change



One day not far away, in a place bordering the city and the hills, a rainbow seemed to show me a way forward.
As if pushed by an inner strength, I left the city to enter a wood, more and more inside, more and more away from the chaos.
And time stopped, in a series of moments suspended in time. And at every step a very long, infinite sigh, inside many reflections, with the colors and the magic that opened up in front of me.
Everything seemed to belong to a fairytale with persuasive hues, and an entire afternoon flew away almost without realizing the hours spent contemplating something perfect.

That day was the first of a new life for me. Because my heart has never left that wood, I photograph streets, roads of the world, people’s faces, now I was creating solutions to nourish and help little friends. I turned my back on an unrecognizable world, on a humanity disappeared in the folds of viruses, and I gave myself to Mother Nature, dedicating all my free time from that day to exploration, contemplation and the desire to live and relive those perfect moments, as if suspended in the time of a long sigh inside the magic, that magic that had always been there, a stone’s throw from the city, and one day it decided to call me with a rainbow

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Marco Grassi

Born and resident in Livorno (Tuscany / Italy) in 1967, he has been interested in photography since middle school days. But it is only… More »

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