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Looked beyond the day



Often the difficult moments I have faced in life have allowed me to descend deeper into myself, finding ways to explore my unexpressed potential and provoking a reactive behaviour that has always stimulated observation, looking and searching. I found a way to channel energy and external stimuli to activate my creative side again.
In November 2021, I met Pelin Santilli, an artist, designer and poet.

room 313

His work captures me. I am fascinated by his drawings and the images, and after a few verbal exchanges, flashes in my mind the idea of a collaboration to compare different arts (in my case photography) and visions .
Looking at his work and seeing some of his works come to life was certainly a support for me at a difficult time, but also the starting point for a new photographic narrative, which then turned into the images that I propose in this small project. The diptychs represent different situations and days, a sort of exchange of visions, a sharing of slices of life and projects on which we are both working, a comparison.


The project, which I hope will continue, was conceived using black and white images, except for the last photo, where colour represents a moment of rebirth after a long dark period.
Knowing and recognising someone in times of difficulty does not mean leaning back, but finding the strength and ability to overcome and grow.
Looking beyond this day.

the days of how are you
silence and silences
world is not made for us
“his” imaginary Trentino

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Roberta Pastore

Photography is the passion of my life. By the means of photography and of the photographic projects of mine I have started an analysis about the relationship with myself and about the problems one has to face living in our industrialized society. I love the contact with people and with the streets, the possibility to capture meaningful moments of everyday life.

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