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I hope




My hope for children
I hope that they play with trains and dinosaurs to their heart’s content.
I hope they choose to wear their own wacky and wonderful outfits that they pick out. And not care what anyone thinks.
I hope they sing (appropriate songs) without abandon.
I hope they choose to dance like no one’s watching. And never pass up the chance to groove to their favourite tune.
I hope they make the silliest faces when they’re having a staring contest.
I hope they giggle when one puts on a funny voice during story time.
I hope they want to play pretend puppy and frog and lion and elephant for as long as they want.
I hope they never stop asking for cuddles or to hold hand or to hug when they’re scared.
I hope they fully embrace every bit of the magic that is their beautiful childhood.

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Shilpa Sachdeva

I consider myself as life skills educator and storyteller who empower teachers, educators and change makers leverage storytelling. Using the power of stories, I help teachers accelerate their Diversity & Inclusion journey and build a culture of Innovation. I work with children in any form of creative arts and learning method, that gives me a scope to learn from them, while sharing my knowledge

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