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Forbidden Era



Human rights are diminishing…
World political power turns against the ideals of the Enlightenment, seeking to turn man into a beast…
Freedom -as it was established from the time of the Enlightenment until today, is driven to execution.

No Rights

The fact that the authorities insist on obligatory rules leading to stalemate and require from people numerous certificates in order to allow them the right to a “normal life”, proves beyond any doubt, that they are no longer concerned about the public health but their own agenda.


The illusions are gone.
What is the point of dividing society when we are all in the same position?
Compliance and, eventually, submission to power is the goal.
No matter how dark and ominous the future may seem, there are multiple sunbeams of freedom, which stubbornly resist the existing current of the authoritarian, against any totalitarianism.


The imagination, the intelligence, the diversity, the artistic creation and the freedom, are dangerous elements for the power.
The days to come will confirm it.

No discriminations
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Maria Kanata

I grew up in Amfissa in the Delphi area, in an atmosphere full of art with a father who was a painter, so it… More »

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