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Fall seascapes

Fregene, Maccarese


Raise your hand if you’ve never found yourself on an autumn beach taking photos of the sea, the beached remains, the decommissioned buildings.
The autumn marina is a type of view that has been used for centuries in painting and then in photography, which puts those who tackle this subject in the uncomfortable but stimulating position of risking endlessly repeating themes that have already been seen in every sauce.

Photographer’s shadow makes empty goal. Lido di Maccarese, November 30th 2021.

On the other hand, success is assured (just take a peek at Instagram) precisely because these images are usual and repeated, and always have an effect: the sense of the end, the veil of nostalgia for the summer that fades into winter, the charm of buildings and abandoned objects, the sadness and splendor of autumn skies, and the wind that draws on the lonely beach.
In the small selection of images that I present, I liked to measure myself, a little recklessly perhaps, with the banalities mentioned above; I tried to move with a light hand, a few effects, a few citations of things already seen, and I hope a certain sense of carefree lightness: after all, autumn is my favorite season.
The photos were almost all taken in a short period of time, on the coast north of Rome, strictly in black and white this time, to emphasize their connection with the endless body of images that precede them.

Homemade Man of Aran. Lido di Maccarese, December 7th 2021.
Waiting for the first wave (on the other hand, December 7 is an anniversary). Lido di Maccarese, December 7th 2021.
The prisoners have left. Lido di Maccarese, December 7th 2021.
Diagonal shot. Lido di Maccarese, November 30th 2021.
Deserted road and residual pedestrian. Lido di Maccarese, December 7th 2021,
The bucket and the sea. Fregene, November 28th 2021.
Lagoon with incongruity. Fregene, October 23th 2021.
Beached remains after the storm. Lido di Maccarese, November 30th 2021.
Barred horizons. Lido di Maccarese, December 7th 2021.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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