The education in pandemic has been confined to laptops and mobiles. As the offline classes started with few students, I had students in my classroom who were reading and writing at a pre-kindergarten level. Helping those students to grow at incredibly rapid rates, in order to bring them to grade-level, was one of the hardest challenges I encountered. They also had behavioral concerns that affected their academic achievement even more.

Rather than turning away, I felt that those students were a test to me as an educator. For these students, the personal desire to experience educational success was not formed until they felt as though someone else cared about their achievement.

I found myself spending every waking moment researching methods to help these students experience success, until I finally realized that they just needed someone to be their cheerleader. From that situation, I learned to voice to my students that I will always be their biggest cheerleader in the world, as long as they give me a reason to cheer.