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Subz Burj – visible yet invisible


New Delhi


Despite being so very visible, so familiar, this tomb can’t even be identified by most people. ‘Sabz’ is the Urdu word for ‘green’; ‘burj’ is ‘tower’. ‘Sabz Burj’ therefore would mean ‘green tower’. Nobody knows who is buried in the Sabz Burj, but the tomb dates back to the early years of Mughal rule, in the 16th century. Whoever this person was, he was almost certainly someone of consequence, because the tomb is so lavishly decorated.

The monument stands tall in the middle of the road and might be seen as a distraction for some, because had it not been there, one would have a straight road. For others, it might be a source of treat to the eyes with the beauty it carries. The colours of the monument can be a moment of joy for travellers who might be in a state of frustration after a day’s hectic work. What the monument is, can be unfolded by the observer only.

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Rahul Sharma

I am someone with exceptional creative vision paired with acute attention to detail and awareness for post-capture capabilities. An avid photographer and retoucher, I am the founder of Jimretouch. I understand that we all need high-quality, compelling images that stand out from the crowd, images that evoke emotion, desire and even dreams and that's what is 'The Image Effect'

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