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Humayun’s Tomb- footprints of history on pages of time

Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is one of the places I had always been fascinated since I read about it in my history class. I still remember our history class about the Mughal period. Our teacher was so vivid in her description that I would always be transported to that era. And I always had a special liking for the historical monuments. Visiting a monument, walking along the huge corridors, gaping at the intricate designs, all these transports me back to those eras.

On a beautiful winter evening I decided to explore and read about some untold stories at Humayun’s tomb.

The walk began with a brief factual history of the monument given comprehensively in the museum right before entering. Moving on from the museum I entered the famous charbagh. And thus began the stories from the times of Babur, who was famous for his love for gardens. I could witness people from all genres of life at the monument- avid photographers, video creators, social media enthusiasts, art curators, picnic lovers, romantic couples and so on.

The Glory and Grandeur

As I moved to the magnanimous building that stands right in the center of these gardens, the first thing that strikes anyone is the beautiful architecture. Hence, I decided to spend some time admiring the beautiful features of the tomb. From the chhatris to the jaalis to the guldastas and the mihrab. I loved it all.

Everyone knows that the second Mughal emperor, rests in the tomb but it’s not just him who was laid to rest here. Many of his descendants join him in his eternal slumber.

Apart from the central structure, the adjoining ones have different stories to them. Stories that take you to a beautiful era and you just cannot stop appreciating the creative and aesthetic sense of the artisans of those times. Humayun’s tomb is a must visit place in Delhi. The historical buffs can get their dose of history while the architecture lovers will have a noteworthy visit. Even if you do not fall in these two categories, the luscious green gardens and the complex is sure to blow away your mind.

The Past Speaks in the language of Monuments

Event: A Walk to Witness the Heritage
Venue: Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi 110013, India

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