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Daily Life in Rural Kenya



This series of photographs depicts scenes from everyday life in a small village in central Kenya. There, people live at peace with nature and spend days dancing, hanging around with friends, and grazing animals.

One could wonder how anyone can be happy living without electricity, running water, or a regular job. Still, we spend our whole lives trying to be successful, feeling like we are not doing enough, and in this pursuit, we often forget what truly matters.

I believe that life is about connecting with others, feeling things deeply, being happy and grateful for what we have. I have never been as close to realising these things as when I visited this small village where, objectively speaking, people do not have much and yet they are so kind, welcoming, and fulfilled that it instantly warms your heart.

Life in African tribes could not be more different to what we know in the West and our first instinct when we hear about it might be to look down on them. Still, life is about getting to know other cultures. Every human, every social group is unique and we should never judge others negatively solely based on these differences.

Houses in a Samburu village in Kenya. Women are responsible for building them using cow dung, mud, and sticks.
Warriors performing the traditional jumping dance.
Children dancing in front of the local school. In addition to traditional subjects, pupils learn about issues such as women’s rights and gender equality.
A man looking around the African Savanna that surrounds the village. His shawl says ‘Say Yes to Education, No to Girls’ Circumcision.’
Men in traditional tribal clothing. In recent years some have started to modernize their attire by adding Western elements such as baseball caps.
Young boy sitting on a rock.
A boy holding his little brother while using a used motorbike tire as a seat.
Young boys playing football on the savanna.
Men starting a fire using sticks.
Palms of children as they playfully tried to stop the car when I was leaving the village.
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Katarzyna Rybarczyk

Political Correspondent for Immigration Advice Service, I write articles about the struggles of communities living in low and middle-income countries and I take photographs… More »

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