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Colors, once in a while



My preference in taking pictures is black and white.
When I am in front of a photogram and I have to choose between color or black and white, in most cases I opt for black and white, in fact at the time of shooting I usually “see” the photo to be taken already so, also because of my long association with analog photography.
Black and white seems to me at the same time more synthetic and more ambiguously realistic, it reduces everything to different shades of gray and does not distract from the grammar of the image; it descends from a centuries-old cultural tradition of rendering the image in monochromatic tones.
And so, because of this and other mechanisms, photography becomes the most surreal of arts, with its continuous and declared reference to reality, and its ambiguous modification of it in the very act of transforming it into an image.
And so only black and white? No, not always, those who have seen my work know that monochrome is prevalent, but not absolutely: sometimes I also see color.

There are photographs in which the color or the comparison between various colors is the soul of the image, it constitutes its sense; in which to ignore color means betraying them, flattening them on a monochromatism for which they were not conceived at the moment of shooting.
The photos I present here are therefore all in color, not overloaded, not shouted as we often see now, but an attempt to tell this time through the use of color the slight dissonances, the glimmers glimpsed out of the corner of the eye, that vein the city.

Decaying secret garden. Rome, November 30th 2020.
The color of disappointment. Rome, July 7th 2021.
Translucent Venus. Rome, March 3rd 2021.
Tennis elbow. Rome, June 25th 2021.
This wedding is not to be! and the dog executes. Rome, June 13th 2021.
Bloody Mary. Rome, November 22th 2021.
A Jivaro’s Dream. Rome, March 2nd 2021.
Leopard print versus leopard print. Rome, September 30th 2021.
The gentle passing of time. Rome, April 4th 2021.
The sleep of reason. Rome, December 15th 2021.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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