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Photo Exhibition

1st Photo Contest “Piazza Grande”

22 interpreters of photography, women and men, will exhibit their shots. A journey through the visions of a group of high-level artists, who discuss how to describe their 2021 in a single click, a single image each to tell the emotions of a photographic year.

The event, conceived by Maurizio Lena (owner of the Piazza Grande Cafeteria), which sees
to the artistic direction the Livorno-based photographer Marco Grassi, goes to fit in the pre-Christmas events in Livorno, with a 2 days dedicated to image, encounters and photographic culture.

From Wednesday 22 December, with a ribbon cutting of the exhibition area in the presence of the Authorities, until Friday 24 December, with the award ceremony at 17 in the presence of the Councilor for Culture Simone Lenzi, it will be possible to vote for the favorite shot through special cards that can be found in the commercial activities adjacent to the exhibition.

The prizes, offered by the partners, will be of 2 types:
Popular Jury Award, with voting cards
Critical Jury Award, with a trio of top-level judges
Partners: Enrico Galleni jewelry, Jhonny Paranza restaurant, Kil0 delivery app.

Artists: Andrea Dani, Stefano Gelli, Andrea Vadacca, Mario Mencacci Bandini, Roberto Bartolini, Francesco Luongo, Giuseppe Pasquali, Alessandro Fruzzetti, Andrea Cardini, Simone Mantia, Marco Grassi (out of competition), Laura Scatena, Simona Simoncini, Francesca Filippi, Silvia Petrucci, Ilaria Cariello, Chiara Cuchel, Ilaria Lippi, Chiara Cunzolo, Ari Len, Bianca Maria Monticelli, Silvia Tampucci.

Piazza Grande – photo by Marco Grassi

Photo Exhibition Details
1° Concorso Fotografico “PIAZZA GRANDE”
Start Date: 22-12-2021 • End Date: 24-12-2021
Venue: Caffetteria Piazza Grande, Piazza Grande, Livorno, Italy

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Marco Grassi

Born and resident in Livorno (Tuscany / Italy) in 1967, he has been interested in photography since middle school days. But it is only in the last 10 years that his artistic career has changed, cutting out a space in the vast world of photography and featuring a style increasingly linked to social aspects, through his images of common life, all full of great meanings.

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