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“Uno” by Simona Ghizzoni, a photozine published by Monkeyphoto

“I am obsessed with the vertigo that is created when we sense that the habitual / natural order of things has been undermined. A slight tear in the fabric of the visible world. It is an aged world, with cracks and fissures, dust. There are parts as thin as glass plates, too thin to walk on.
And finally, there is the ambiguity of objects: life and death, desire and reality, human and animal get blurred.
UNO is the first unit of a series, indivisible, but it is also the dimension of solitude that self-portraiture requires.”

Simona Ghizzoni

Uno – Simona Ghizzoni

Photo Book
Book Title: Uno
Author’s name: Simona Ghizzoni
Year of Publication: 2021
Page Count: 44
Size: 22,5x30cm
Cover Price: 18€
Book’s webpage:
Publisher: Monkeyphoto

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