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The first light after dark



An inner journey through the streets of a city that is waking up. Eyes that penetrate the first light after the darkness of the night, while silence still envelops me. The stubborn heart of a city that every morning starts to pulsate in the common vicissitudes of the life of the neighborhoods and the streets still a little sleepy. A slow and regular rhythm of a humanity that every day, unheard, goes in the same direction looking for what could be the only escape.

I started shooting with a Ricoh GRIII in March 2020 during the period of the first lockdown. The semi-deserted streets, few passers-by, lights that go out to make way for daylight, all marked by the passing of a slower time with other rhythms that are those of the moment we are living.

The choice of black and white gave me the opportunity to highlight the differences in tone, in terms of light and shadow, giving the project a film noir tone.

The project is still in work in progress, it will be a much larger work that will take the title “The longest way, the gloomiest night”.

wonder of the night
fascination street
sweet is the night
the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning
the night is reflected in the day
the night is still in the air
city lights
the day reveals
on the road between night and day
revelations that the day ignores
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