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A deep immersion into ancient world of rhythm



“The Middle East frame drum is one of the oldest musical instruments dated more than 3000 years (Doubleday 105). The oldest existing writing, one of the most valid references, is Psalms of the Prophet David, stated that praise him (God) with daff dancing (970-1010 BC).”

These photos were captured during the small, but special event: the frame drum seminar, where people come together not only to develop their skills and to learn more about music, but for deep immersion into ancient world of rhythm. Sufi people say: “The most important sound for everybody is the rhythm. Why? The first we hear being in mother’s body – the rhythm of her heart”.

The leader of the seminar, Andrey Tanzu, is the first percussionist in Russia, who opened and developed rare and ancient stream of music with frame drums, participant of international music festivals and projects.

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Carina Clavijo

Photographer and artist from Moscow. Studied art at the Moscow State Technical University. Kosygin.

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