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Essay on Silence



I have taken these images in a few months during this year. At the beginning I had no idea of the reason to photograph overnight: I simply wanted to take uncommon images of non-touristic places, those places you pass by and go during the day, without noticing much. But after collecting few shots, I found that I had  reached other aspects: one was the solitude, the other was the silence.

Solitude and silence are generally refused by our society, but we all need to re-consider them as important parts of our life. I found my own acceptation of them very important, so that, however the photos have come out, these months have not been spent in vain.

Train Station “Campi Sportivi”, Rome
Piazzale dei Militari Caduti nei Lager, Roma
Piazzale G. Tupini, EUR, Rome
Old ferry ashore, Lungotevere, Rome
Underpass, La Romanina, Rome south.
Photo booth, Villaggio Olimpico, Rome
Open theatre, Corviale, Rome
Largo di Pietralata, Pietralata, Rome
Former UCI Cinema Marconi, Lungotevere Gassman, Rome
Public garden, Viale Ciamarra, Rome south
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Ruggero Passeri

I was born in Rome in 1950. Self-taught photographer, I begun to use a camera when I was 13. I exhibited my photos for the first time in 1983, at the Roman gallery "Il Fotogramma". In 2008 my collection of portraits of artists and intellectuals was hosted by the MUSINF in Senigallia. In 2010 I received the "Targa Città di Senigallia" award. In 2011 my "Kaputmundi" was exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna, and later at the Dante Alighieri Society in Salzburg. In October 2013 the House of Literature in Rome exhibited my work "In cerca di Tommaso", 25 images based on "Una Vita Violenta", a novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini. My images have been published on "Il Manifesto", "Corriere della Sera", "Alias", "Fotografia Reflex", "Il Fotografo", and many on line sites.

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