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Photo Exhibition

Luzia Simons, « Silencieuses », Photographs

The Arcturus gallery is very pleased to present the photographs of Luzia Simons, artist born in Brazil in 1953, based in Berlin. The exhibition will unveil works from the « Stockage » series never before exhibited.

Her connection with France is strong since she studied history and then art at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has been presented several times at the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire and was invited in 2016 to create an in situ installation in the courtyard of the Hôtel de Soubise (National Archives of Paris).
She gained significant international recognition by developing a very specific personal scanning technique on the theme of plants and nature in transition.

Luzia Simons, Stockage 183, 2019

She scans in the smallest detail an overall composition, building a realistic, sensitive picture, an imposing work with a prodigious definition and  depth of field that only the human eye can capture. The flowers seem to float on a dense and deep black background, which adds to the immateriality, the timelessness of the composition. Her works invite us to a journey into space. They also invite us to a journey through time, through references to the economic and political influence of the flower trade such as tulips and chrysanthemums throughout history, as well as their use in the painting of «vanities» in the seventeenth century.

In addition, Luzia Simons claims a social dimension, with plants acting as “ambassadors in the transfer across different cultures”, reflecting her personal journey.
She fixes a moment of climax of beauty that we could not see without her intervention, before the inevitable decay. A reference to beauty, fragility, and perhaps the finitude of our world.

Luzia Simons wanted this exceptional exhibition as a Statement, a strong testimony of her artistic commitment for this series Stockage on which she has been working for several years.

Photo Exhibition: Silencieuses, Luzia Simins
Start Date: 03-11-2021 • End Date: 04-12-2021
Venue: Galerie Arcturus (France)

Luzia Simons, Stockage 184, 2019
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