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Leaves on a windy afternoon

Favaro Veneto (Venezia)


I have been capturing images with my camera since I was a child, always self-taught, and during the last three years I have started again with a research of mine, that I had set aside many years ago.

The starting point has been the daily life, I was looking for a hyper-realistic representation of it, common objects of the house, photographed within their context. It was also the desire to try to see everyday things with new eyes, things under our sight every day, things at which we look without really seeing them.

At the same time I picked up some old ideas of mine, and I focused on the clouds. The first work was “clouds (on a day at noon)”, for which I elaborated the same image in many different ways, changing the exposure, the contrast, the colors. I wanted to see what could have been different, new, in repetition.

I photographed the bark of the trees, and then the projects of the sea and sand, the leaves and the earth, getting more and more into the details of the original image, which I rework with digital graphics programs. And it is in the details that we notice all the shapes and colors that interest me.

My series are made up of 3/10 images. I start with a raw file that I process until I get a result that I like. The final result consists of images of 15,000 x 10,000 pixels, with 300 dpi.

The series that I present, “Leaves on a windy afternoon”, is part of the leaves / tree project, started a year ago. The images were taken from a photograph (number 6727, at the beginning of December 2020), taken of a tree on a day of strong wind, which moved its branches and leaves. The photograph was then worked with digital graphics programs, and then I focused on some details, which I enlarged.

In the works of this project I am not interested in the final images representing the initial subject. What I’m looking for are images that have different shapes and colors than the original, and that can be liked.

Leaves on a windy afternoon (image 6727 – detail 01)
(image 6727 – detail 02)
(image 6727 – detail 03)
(image 6727 – detail 04)
(image 6727 – detail 05)
(image 6727 – detail 06)
(image 6727 – detail 07)
(image 6727 – detail 08)
(image 6727 – detail 09)
(image 6727 – detail 10)
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Giorgio Gerardi

I live in Italy, in Favaro Veneto (Venice). Around the age of twenty, I approached the study of the History of Art, as an… More »

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