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Eyes and glances tell stories

Roma, Palermo, Messina


The eyes tell stories even when the lips are silent.
In the series of photographs that I present here I focused on the eyes, the looks.
In some I have tried to grasp the impression of fleeting relationships that arise between strangers when one meets casually without a word being said.
In others I have tried to represent a situation through the expressions of the eyes.

They are the eyes in fact that tell a story. Each of these photos is in common with the others by the game of looks, which can be subtle, almost imperceptible, explicit or absent.
These are the moments in which the subject turns his gaze towards someone else, towards the photographer, towards nothingness, and creates a precarious balance, a moment of suspension, veiled with melancholy for its inevitable imminent breaking.

Porcelain gaze in nothing. Rome, July 18th 2021.
The mischievous look of excited putti. Palermo, August 17th 2021.
Malevolent glance. Rome, July 14th 2021.
Rebel with gloomy eyes. Palermo, August 17th 2021.
Thoughtful and questioning eyes. Rome, July 11th 2021.
Swagger eyes and worried looks. Messina, August 9th 2021.
Inquisitive glance. Rome, July 11th 2021.
Sad eyes. Rome, July 18th 2021.
Eyes ready to flee. Rome July 11th 2021.
Blind looks. Rome, July 8th 2021.

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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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