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Darkroom and workspace chance in Milan

Hello, this news is to point a new chance for photographers in the area of Milan (but not restricted to them) to use a darkroom and workspace in Milan, Navigli area.

The space is a little dream I had for years, I converted a basement in a working area with darkroom, scanner (epson V800) and digital printer. There’s a small exhibition area and tables for working.

We can process black and white film too and help you realize proofs, contacts and final prints or scans of your work.

It’s starting in these weeks and already going, plan is to keep costs covered but keeping it accessible for helping the analog world going on in a friendly way.

If you may be interested you can find some informations here.


Gabriele Lopez

Gabriele Lopez, class 1974. I started to take photographs as a child, with a Polaroid camera that was a gift for an occasion that I forgot. With that simple camera I started to record what was around me. Today not that much has changed in this sense. The photography I love is a daily diary, fragments of pictures, that together mean the sense of my existence, my way of expressing, understand and live life itself, fixing what I want to live again.

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