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Carbon, a chemical element of the periodic table with the symbol C.



Carbon is a chemical element of the periodic table with the symbol C.

It is present in nature in all life forms and, in its native status, can be found in the forms of graphite or diamond (allotropes).

These more or less pure forms of the element are born in different physical conditions, giving it opposite features.

C has also the singular attitude to form chemical bonds with itself and with a wide variety of other elements. The infinite number of organic compounds originating from Carbon are, besides, essential for Life itself.

2020 brought all of us back to our primordial form, dismembering us from those life compounds that we took for granted, in that death race that our days have become.

And now the new elements at the base of our daily routine are re-emerging, making us look further, understanding which of our chemical bonds are, after all, really essential for Life.

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