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Alien presences, a surreal conspiracy theory



For some time now, the city has been pervaded by mysterious, alien presences.
Groups of strange beings, one half resembling small saprophagous dinosaurs, the other half technological chimeras, gather in darkened huddles on the pavements.
Humans ignore them, pretending not to see their swarming in the half-light, not to stumble upon them at every corner.
And there they stand, in small, harmless-looking packs, peering out of the shadows with ill-concealed menace: waiting for their time to come.

They have suddenly appeared from nowhere, as if guided by an external will, menacing aliens in disguise.
This could be the beginning of a laughable conspiracy theory, which I hope I have illustrated well with the photos I am presenting.

I don’t like scooters, I hope to have rendered this dislike for a useless and unsightly object now so fashionable (like conspiracy theories on the other hand) with a pinch of surreal irony: after all, they surround us, I can’t eliminate them, so I might as well make fun of them.

Dance around the unsuspecting passerby. Rome, October 5th 2020
Camouflage in the twilight. Rome, June 30th 2021
Whispered conversation. Rome, September 9th 2021
The hiding place. Rome, May 13th 2021
Look of defiance. Rome, June 28th 2021
Last agreements before the hunt. Rome, July 14th 2021
Triple challenge. Rome, July 7th 2021
The herd is moving. Rome, April 8th 2021
Overwhelm obstacles. Rome, July 21th 2021
A look at the showdown. Rome, June 1st 2021
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

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