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About loyalty and love




There is a lot to be said for the love and loyalty of dogs. But it seems to me that all this will be trite and has already been said by someone.

In this photo there is a dog named Totti. For him, attachment to a person is not a conditioned reflex (if you pretend that you love, you will be fed). For Totti, contact with a person is important in itself. The dog lives in the village and we visit him almost every weekend. No, he does not meet us on the road. He has a lot of his own, interesting dog affairs. But every time we leave, this is how he sees us off. And waiting…

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Maria Bartosh

My name is Maria Bartosz. I am 35 years old. I am very passionate about photography. But I’m not doing it professionally yet. I am at the beginning of my career.

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