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Two ways of understanding art




On a day of strong wind, on the cliff of Livorno, a small town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, many photographers gather to take the force of the sea that breaks on the rocks and laps the beautiful Boccale Castle.
The different approach to what is an image stands out in this shot, a couple who portrays themselves with their smartphone in some 70s postcard poses, and a real photographer, with a great tool on the tripod, and covered for resist wind and splashes of water, in search of long exposures, typical techniques of this area.
There are many ways of doing photography, and many ways of thinking about it.
As a photographer I can only appreciate the commitment, sacrifice and time available to those who experience art as it should be lived.


Marco Grassi

Born and resident in Livorno (Tuscany / Italy) in 1967, he has been interested in photography since middle school days. But it is only in the last 10 years that his artistic career has changed, cutting out a space in the vast world of photography and featuring a style increasingly linked to social aspects, through his images of common life, all full of great meanings.

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