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The Mind-Blowing Winning Images of AAP Magazine 20 TRAVELS

We’re delighted to reveal the names of the 26 talented photographers who won “AAP Magazine #20: Travels”

The many mind-blowing entries come from talented photographers who traveled around the world.

Each month All About Photo offers the opportunity to dedicated and passionate artists to showcase their work in our printed edition “AAP Magazine”. For this 20th edition we were looking for travel photographs, near and far, to the edge of the earth and to the places perhaps known only to a few.

There’s a world out there to explore and each winning photographer shows us a glimpse of the diversity of our planet.

From Nomads in Northen Russia or Sahel, to a church in Ethiopia or wild landscapes in Australia, we virtually travel to the four corners of the earth. Kyrgyzstan, Soviet Union, Tibet, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Israel, Armenia, South Sudan, Benin, Bangladesh, Peru, The Arctic circle, Ethiopia, France, India, Greenland, Finland, Japan and the United States are amongst the countries you will be able to discover in the 20th edition of AAP Magazine.

  • The Winner of AAP Magazine 20 Travels is Yulia Nevskaya (Russian Federation) with her series “People of Tundra”
  • The Second Place Winner is Alain Schroeder (Belgium) with his series “Dead Goat Polo”
  • The Third Place Winner is Paul B Goode (United States) from his series “The Soviet Union”
  • The other winners featured in the Merit Award’s Gallery are :

Larry Snider (United States), Nicola Ducati (Italy), France Leclerc (United States), Hoang Long Ly (Vietnam), Jordi Cohen (Spain), Ted and Nune ( United States), Kimmo Sahakangas (United States), Johan Gerrits ( Netherlands), Monica Testa (Italy), Sujon Adhikary (Bangladesh), Animesh Ray (United States), Dede Pickering (United States), Matty Karp (Israel), Julien Coomans (Belgium), Jim Esposito (United States), Barry Guthertz (United States), Robi Chakraborty (India/United States), Antoine Buttafoghi (France), Carole Glauber (Israel), Trevor Messersmith (United States), Melissa Stewart (Australia), Debbie Smyth (United Kingdom) and Don Jacobson (United States)

The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.
All winners will have their work showcased on All About Photo Winners Gallery, and published in the printed issue of AAP Magazine #20 Travels.

Nomads from the series ‘People of Tundra’ © Yulia Nevskaya
From the series ‘Dead Goat Polo’ © Alain Schroeder
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Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is a professional photographer who specializes in Fine Art Photography. She grew up in Paris, France and in London, UK before she moved to the United States with her family in 2006. She decided to use her knowledge of the photography world to become the curator of the website, All About Photo, which she founded in 2013. Much more than a cultural agenda, All About Photo is a source of information for photographers as well as a showcase platform for talented artists.

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