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Nizhny Novgorod


My project is an allegory of life’s perception. I am trying to structure my thoughts and views to fit myself, and to structure myself to fit events and points of support.

During self-isolation, being cut off from the world by the window frame, the world was divided into “here”and ” there”.

The search for harmony, the search for beauty, or at least something understandable and structured, constantly shifted the focus from outside to inside and vice versa.

The window became a guide to the real world, and the thread curtains became a fence and protection.

Threads and fabrics have become a kind of bridge, the bridge to reality, a place where you can relax.

You can use them to create a screen and fence off. And you can see the changing world through them.

By creating geometry and visual beauty, I was able to accept the situation.

Geometry, patterns, illusions and fears – everything happens and disappears. Changes and crises are cyclical and built into the order of our lives.

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Elena Dlu

I use photography to find the order, cyclicity, and layers of the world. I, as a designer, collect details, build patterns and create my own picture of the world from them. My works are pieces of mosaic, LEGO blocks, which I build into new combinations and sets. I am fascinated and excited by the geometric and mathematical component of my life and surrounding reality.

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