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“Interior”, a whole world of abandoned works and structures



Italy has an extraordinary artistic heritage in the area, it is said that 70% of the works of art in the world are Italian, or come from it. Then there is a whole world of abandoned works and structures. High-level architectural elements, large houses that are no longer able to find who can restore them worthily, and end up being looted.

Here is an example.

Villa Mirabella Gabbro (LI), a villa, built in 1761 by the Fonyet family, which will take the name of Finocchietti and which at the beginning of 1900 was used as a hospital after the outbreak of the Spanish fever epidemic, was sold to the municipality in 1984.
Today it falls in pieces. From the 1990s onwards, successive municipal administrations have sought various ways to obtain funding for the redevelopment of one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in the area. In a scenario of general abandonment, here is a part of the interiors of this architectural and historical jewel, where nature is regaining its space.

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