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Growing up




What is growing up? Does it always happen with children? Or sometimes, a person enters into this process already being far from childhood? And the most global question: are we growing up at all? I confess that I often ask these questions. But I do not find unequivocal answers to them.

Would call growing up, the process of becoming a person. Disclosure of individual characteristics of a person. Interestingly, for many this happens by itself, without meaningful awareness. And some have to work hard to reveal their characteristics, individuality. Reveal … what is the correct and appropriate word. It is disclosure, deployment that is one of the key processes of growing up.

The girl in the photo is not ready to grow up, not ready to turn around and show the world her individuality. She is like a ball of thread on which boots are suspended above her head. The very same children’s shoes symbolize the pressure of society on small people. They hang over the girl’s head as a heavy, constant, annoying reminder of what society expects from her as an ADULT. But, she is not yet ready to give in and turn around …

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Maria Bartosh

My name is Maria Bartosz. I am 35 years old. I am very passionate about photography. But I’m not doing it professionally yet. I… More »

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