Corpo – Rea, everyone has an inside and an outside



“I am who I am”.
I am made up of pieces, parts of a body broken down several times.
Tiles taken one by one, carefully observed to grasp their secrets.
Everyone has an inside and an outside and in their own way tells a story, an experience, a memory or an experience.
My feet run, my hands touch, my breasts explode, my neck stretches back, my shoulders let go, my lips open with every breath, my eyes sometimes close not wanting to see.
I captured parts of me with an instrument that allowed me to see without filters, nor artifices, nor manipulations, like when you look at yourself in a mirror: my body as it is after 19710 days of life.

The instrument:
I used an Instax mini 90, a camera that has characteristics typical of analog instant shots. The film is loaded with 10-sheet cartridges. The actual dimensions of each photograph are 86 x 54 mm, but the printed area is 62 x 46 mm. This means that each photo is reproduced with frames, similar to those of Polaroids.
I tried to keep a neutral background on aquamarine tones to emphasize the color of the skin, eliminating disturbing elements, to make only the parts of my body visible.

Corpo – Rea is a project carried out in 5 months, from May to October 2019. I then did an accurate editing of 40 shots and I chose 10 images that represent the beginning of a story or a reconstruction.


Roberta Pastore

I'm born to Rome in the 1965. Photography is the passion of my life, it has helped me to go through some difficult moments and I have come to consider it as a “cure”. By the means of photography and of the photographic projects of mine I have started an analysis about the relationship with myself and about the problems one has to face living in our industrialized society.

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