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Resilience, defence and resistance in Myanmar


This is a long term project, a result of a journey, which started in South East Asian countries. Between August 2019 to March 2020, I crossed 4 borders and I arrived in Myanmar, my last destination, due to the onset of pandemic. I was fascinated by the imbalances typical of South East Asian countries, to tell what somehow exist but is always out of the spotlights, given that mostly, there is a tendency of pointing on touristic attractions, leaving aside all the rest.

A personal research of resilience, as concept, has begun with the use of photography. It is a slow and unconventional journey, as well as a search of details and peculiarities, of an hidden childhood and its bond that breaks.

Resilience is also defence and resistance, against coercion. Poverty, corruption, deprivation, totalitarian military regime, are currently undermining the individual freedom and rights and this is having on them, a negative and long lasting impact.

Myanmar has been for an extensive period of time, controlled by the military dictatorship. The leader Aung San Suu Kyi, represented for the country and it’s people, a step towards democracy which was achieved with sacrifices and struggles. However, recently, the military junta regained power and control over the nation.

At present, Federal Army and ethnic force groups, are fighting against the regime, whilst Aung San Suu Kyi is still imprisoned.

The violation of human rights is now happening against people in Myanmar and represent a serious threat to their lives, which at present, appears to be extinguished in the silence and indifference of the international politics.

Near the River Hpa An, Karen State, February 2020, Myanmar
Picture of Aung San Suu Kyi and her beloved father, after elections, February 2020, Mandalay
Member of Civil Disobedience Movement holds his rifle, Karen State, February 2020, Myanmar
Animal sacrifice in a rural village, located in Karen State , March 2020, Myanmar
Street Child nearby Yangon Train Station, left by his mother whilst she was begging for money, March 2020, Myanmar
Arrest at Yangon Station, April 2020, Myanmar
Christian celebration in Karen State, April 2020, Myanmar
In Myanmar very often, women’s are subject to discrimination and violence, due to the gender stigma, March 2020, Myanmar
father and child in Yangon, March 2020, Myanmar
Shinpyu crimini, traditional celebration which is an initiation for novices children. Oomu Village, March 2020, Shan State, Myanmar

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