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I was thrown out on the street like a kitten

Saint Petersburg


This project is a portrait of an orphanage graduate made by himself. Sergey took photos in his apartment, which he received from the state after graduation. Walls, lamp, wallpaper, objects – this is not a report on the condition of the apartment for the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Sergey made every frame about himself.

“I had days when I didn’t eat anything for two or three days”, says Sergey. “I felt dizzy when walking outdoors
It is not a problem with employment. Everything is much deeper. I don’t feel like a human being. Life goes on, but it passes by me. After graduating from orphanage, I was thrown out on the street like a kitten. The system is built incorrectly. When you are in an orphanage, you are not controlled, but everything is done for you. And when you graduate from there, you don’t know where to turn at all, how to live on. They don’t teach it there.”

None of the graduates of the orphan institution plans to become a drug addict, commit suicide or end up in prison. Children come out of orphanages and believe that they will be able to cope with adult life. But the statistics are stubborn: only 25 out of 100 people adapt to the society, get an education, find a job and create families. The remaining 75 people lose their homes within 5 years after graduation, start using alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances, commit crimes, die in fights or commit suicide. The reasons for this behaviour derive in childhood. In orphanages, children are not taught to make decisions. However, they are not taught how to run a household, wake up every morning to go to work, manage money, build relationships, lead a healthy lifestyle either.

The charity cluster “Anna helps” works with graduates of orphanages aged from 17 to 25 years. We are a support organization for young people who need support. We help teenagers and young adults to master the skills of modern professions, provide them with the opportunity to undergo paid internships, organize courses on home economics, cultural and spiritual development.
We are working to ensure that every graduate of the orphanage finds the strength to live a decent life and cope with any difficulties.

Sergey became interested in photography and shot his first photo project about himself with an old film camera.
The view from my window. Nature calms you down. My father was born in the village and I want to live there. The concrete jungle is suffocating me.
Workers broke through the roof in the spring. Water leaked onto the wall. This frame reflects my loneliness and calmness at the same time. It’s like people left and left.
In the kitchen. The wire looks like a loop. I have a constant depression. Wallpaper pasted up like my life
This is the hood over the bathroom. It was glued to the sealant. One day I was taking a shower and it fell right on my head. And then the wasps flew out of it.
This frame shows that I will not die of hunger. There are still products.
Things stacked on the stiffening ribs of a broken sofa.
The swan is standing in my room. The contact of the beautiful and the nondescript.
The hero’s way and my TV with broken pixels.
The only working lamp in my apartment. There is hope.

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