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Georgian Silk Road

A travel diary


Since the 1° Century B.C. the Silk Road was the first connection between Roman and China Emperor, a long natural economic and cultural pathway.

The following photographs are just a simply visual travel diary made during my road trip along the Georgian Silk Road capturing the human landscape.

Every pictures  as always  is an indipendent short story without any relationship to each others.

Georgia 2018
Georgia 2018
Georgia 2018
Georgia 2018
Georgia 2019
Georgia 2019
Georgia 2019
Georgia 2019
Georgia 2019
Georgia 2019

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The photographic storytelling
The written portion
The use of captions


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Antonio Vacirca

Antonio Vacirca, 1972. Live and works in Buccheri (Sicily). Self -Taught Formation. After completing his studies at Professional Institute for Agricolture begin to be interested in photography and focus his attention on black and white social reportage and portraiture using the grandfather as model to study the human figure.

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