Escape to Wonderland during Covid time

Tel Aviv



“Corona time” severly limited our touring options, we found ourselves traped in the studio. We decided to create an alternative imaginative nature adventure. The still life visual artistic show via photography is traditionally based mostly on natural flora and fauna. Satiated of these genres (some by us), we looked for a novel still life wonderland of ours, we initiated a photography study of Nouveau Terrain based on various objects we found visually attractive to our eyes. We treated these, with various dyes, powders and cements and were amazed to watch a fascinating novel scenery emerging.

Observers, wondered, is it a painting?
It is “painting with a camera”… We responded.
Well we felt we are close to achieving our photographic wonderland. We let you take a free tour and judge!


Eran Gilat & Sefi Sendik

Scientist (Neurobiology) and Artist (Photography)

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