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The candy floss seller




“My parents divorced when I was 6/7 years old. Nothing in my life has been the same since” said Manik, a 16-year-old boy who has been carrying the burden of bringing home the bacon every day for years on his tender shoulders.
The obstacles in his path may have been the size of an ocean, but with his unwavering courage and determination, he has emerged victorious in every war that fate has thrown at him with no mercy.
Manik said, we were a family of 6 members me, my parents and and siblings. My mother was a housemaid from the beginning (from before the devorce) beacuse of the family economic situation was below the poverty line. But after the divorce, it became very difficult for my mother to run the family alone and we started living with under a great economic and emotional stress.

“Manik added, I am the eldest son of my family so i have no way expect this candy floss business. After passing class three i stepped down the outside world with it. May be I won’t be able to seat for scool again. Every morning i make these candy floss with my own hand and from noon to evening i sell these in different places of Dhaka. Now i can earn 200-250tk daily (1 € approx, ed.).”
He concluded, β€œthe thing that gives me the most encouragement and strength is that I have been able to alleviate my mother’s suffering at least a little bit and bring some financial prosperity to my family.”

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Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve (2001) is a passionate photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who love to take landscape, street, nature, portrait and people lifestyle in his… More »

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